Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hurricane Beth 1971 Dartmouth Flood Footage

Having been first captivated by this footage during the Sullivan's Pond Outdoor Movie Night for Dartmouth's 250th Anniversary (in the year 2000), I now have the special opportunity to share along, online, this video which depicts a fascinating event  remembered by many Dartmouthians who lived through the Seventies. Hurricane Beth (August 16-18, 1971) hit Nova Scotia with a vengeance. The geography of Dartmouth, the City of Lakes, was changed forever by major flood events induced by Beth's heavy rains. As you can see in the film, many famous Dartmouth landmarks (Sullivan's Pond, Hawthorne Street, Cenotaph Park, the bowling alley, etc.) were overwhelmed by rushing water. Many people rushed to protect their personal property and to save institutions like Banook Canoe Club. My beloved grandmother told me that, as a mother of very young children, her main concern was to bring the baby food upstairs in case her Prince Albert Road home was cut off from supplies for an extended period of time. For more information on the storm, consult Environment Canada - Hurricane Beth report.

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