Thursday, 21 May 2015

Early Maps of Halifax Harbour Showing Dartmouth's Sawmill River and More!

Throughout the last few years, I have spent tens and tens (and probably hundreds) of hours pouring over the beautiful digitized historic maps of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, looking for pre-Deportation Acadian villages, colonial frontier fortifications, portage routes, you name it... A few months ago, a large swath of portefeuille 133 du Service hydrographique de la marine was put online, of special interest to those of us studying 17th and 18th century Nova Scotia. I know you're already clicking on the links to find a hidden cartographic gem! Since I just gave a heavily illustrated talk to the Dartmouth Heritage Museum this Tuesday on the history of Dartmouth's Sawmill River, I have decided to post a smattering of  snippets of hyperlinked maps depicting this buzz-worthy waterway.
Happy Hunting!
- David Jones








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  1. Nice maps!
    Here is some stuff on the 1687 census of Acadia, including a small French presence in Chibouctou.
    Send me an email if you'd like a printable version........
    Gus Reed