Saturday, 21 June 2014

War Canoe Whirligig

My good friend, Kevin O'Neill, has recently taken up the hobby of carving folk art. Nova Scotia has a world-class tradition of amazing folk artists. This winter, he produced a number of beautiful pieces which he photographed and posted on his blog ( Kevin, knowing my love of Dartmouth, decided to make a whirligig for me which showcased our beautiful city. Here is his spectacular War Canoe Whirligig (complete with the blue, white and yellow Dartmouth flag and the red and white racing colours of Banook Canoe Club):

Photo taken by David Jones, June 21, 2014.
In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a war canoe is a 15 person (7 right-sided paddlers, 7 left-sided paddlers and a 'cox' who steers from the stern) sprint racing canoe. War canoe races are a key component of flat-water regattas in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and parts of Western Canada (especially when the Canadian Canoe/Kayak National Championships come to town). Lake Banook, Dartmouth, has always been a hot-bed of top notch war canoe competition. The three club (Banook, Senobe and Micmac) system helps foster intense rivalries. As well, nearby clubs Cheema, Orenda, Abenaki and Maskwa (as well as some smaller clubs such as Sack-A-Wa) head to the lake to raise the stakes. Stay tuned for more information on Dartmouth's paddling legacy.

Banook War Canoe Crew. Photo courtesy of the Nova Scotia Archives:


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